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Different Wheel Types

The best thing you can do to make your car look cool is to put on a set of new wheels. It is the first things that people notice when you drive your car down the street. A sweet set of wheels can make a boring car look cool in an instant. However, we believe that upgrading to sport wheel are not purely for aesthetics. They can also be a great way to get a little more performance out of your car.

Although a bigger wheel sets does not necessarily produce more torque or make better launching. But it does provide better traction due to the larger contact patch. Vehicle’s handling will be then improved as well.

Type of Wheels

  • Forged Alloy Wheel

There are two kinds. The Rolling-Forged and Monoblock Forged Wheels. Rolling-forged wheels start out as cast alloy; then a special process using heat and high pressure creates the outer rim. They are lighter than ordinary cast alloys and just as strong. Monoblock wheels are created by pressing a high-quality (usually aerospace-grade) alloy between two dies under high pressure, creating a dense, strong and light wheel.

  • Steel Wheel

Steel wheels are made to stand up to the worst weather conditions and driving styles. They are durable and heavy at the same time in order to take a lot of abuse, but they put strain on the axle and fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Steel wheels cost less than the other kinds. They are a great example of function over form; they are for utility, not style.

  • Two and Three Piece Wheels

Two kinds here; the forged outers are either bolted to a cast center or a forged center. Yes, you guessed it; the forged kind is lighter and stronger. Most two-piecers are welded together while some are glued and bolted together. It is not recommended to disassemble these wheels.

Three-piece wheels are made in three pieces, Einstein. The outer, the middle and the inner are glued and bolted together to make the lightest wheels possible. These are also the most expensive wheels but sometimes you find a cast middle section which makes it cheaper (a little bit, anyway. You could still make a down-payment on a decent sedan for a set of these).